416488_2329098007440_522118600_oHello!  I’m glad you took the time out of your busy day to visit!  I’m an author, a wife, a mom…a coffee lover and a part time knitter who loves to cook.  Creativity comes to me through different mediums and I find joy in each activity but my true passion is writing.

I am a born and bred Toledo girl who moved out to the suburbs to “get out of the city”.  I have lived in Ohio my entire life, while my husband is a transplant from all over the country.  I hear often from him how our little state is “a bit different” than other places he’s lived with the exception of construction. That hassle,  he says, is universal.

Every authors perhaps favorite, and least favorite, question is “what inspires you”.  This question is closely followed by what do you write about. Music is my biggest inspiration.  Songs will come on the radio and I get almost a visual snapshot of a scene for my books.  They are a blend of politics, romance, and fantasy.  Elements of the Maeseloria series touch on faith too.  In my mind, a good book series touches on multiple genres to entrance and keep a reader coming back for more.

That is my hope.  That my readers love my stories as much as I have come to love the characters and their nuances.

Please visit my Contact me page to connect with me.  I’d love to hear from you.




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