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Almost half way through Nanowrimo and here is where I stand:

Word count

To everyone participating in this event, I hope your coffee is strong and your words flow easily. To my readers, Guardian’s Redemption is well underway.   I hope you all enjoy the new story and are currently enjoying Shadow’s Journey.  To those of you that receive the Maeseloria Monthly,  the newsletter is currently on hiatus until January while I re-evaluate what I want to do with the publication.

So this week I decided to have a little fun with the vague prompt this week on Ink and Quill.  I go into these usually having a good idea where I want to go with any prompt I post. So,  I bugged one of my group members  who is familiar with Maes and said the following:

“Pick a prompt and a character. I’ll see what I can pull together on the fly.”  She did not disappoint. 🙂   Here is this weeks vague prompt:


The house was quiet this Isean. Marc Jade enjoyed a rare moment of peace.  Jade Manor had few occupants as of late.  Most of the time,  the capital and realm business consumed he and Alexandra’s time.  “A family, beyond us.” He murmured and focused his skill on the hearth before him.  Alexandra had always had a knack for the finer graces of magic.  She could manage many feats that he could not.  He told no on that the torching of Catriona’s keep was more her power than his.  Nicholas said once he felt it wiser that people believed those powers were balanced between them.  “People need to believe.” The old man said. “If they knew all that she could do, they would fear her that much more.”

Marc reflected on that conversation.  He asked not long after the war’s end. Had it really been more than a year?  In that time, he met Lily and proposed.  In Mornesse he became a father.  The thought made him smile with a warmth he was still getting used to.   Layla Eisen was a whirlwind of action and affection that made him laugh.  He could not help but love the girl and her ways.  She trusted him as much as a daughter could trust a parent.

“And then there are your own children.”  A warm, much loved and familiar voice spoke from the door way.  His sister, Alexandra, stood in the doorway watching him manipulate the hearth.  This was often their custom when they were thinking, or brooding depending on the situation.  Lily would give him twins come mid Adryn.  “Fate above Marcus, do we both really have every blessing we talked about?”  With a small smile she strode into the room.  The house, as was usual, seemed to welcome her. The hearth’s brightened, the candelabra’s  blossomed.

“We do, dear sister. We do.” He agreed as she settled in beside him.  Alexandra’s warmth beside him was one they were used to. They spent many a night talking, planning for their future with no indication as to what it may truly hold.   It was before a fire that they decided to come home all those years ago.  That return was the beginning of everything they were now, if he thought about it.  “We have that much more to lose.”

In that moment’s silence,  she agreed. They would spend the night here before returning to the capital.  These moments were rare and Marc Jade valued them.  They sat the long night together,  talking and planning not their future, but their children’s.


Updates and things

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So as many in the writing community know, November is National Novel Writing Month or Nanowrimo for short. Those that have been following the blog this last year know that I participate in this event every year.   In fact, my last two books have been written during Nanowrimo.   This year is no different.  So far, these are my stats after four days:

Word count

I like to give myself extra padding at the beginning of the month because, let’s be honest, there are dry days. There will be days where the words just won’t come. Days will come where I will look at my character and ask them what the fuck are they thinking. It happens.  I’m tickled pink with where I am thought.

As for the Ink and Quill writing prompt this week.  I chose a song I’ve written to many times in five books and the following guided prompt:

Eye Contact: Write about two people seeing each other for the first time.

So last week we got to meet Dr. Sarina Starson…and a mystery man.  For tonight, and the sake of this prompt, that story continues.


The quiet power of the man and the humor in his dark eyes set Sarina’s teeth on edge. In all her life, she never felt another power beyond her own.  In these last years,  the world felt as though it had grown somehow.   When their eyes met, she felt a magic beyond her own. Not just holy, not just a healers gift, but that sense of another drifted just beyond the light in his gaze.  “I would give you my name but I fear you may faint in light of the truth.”  He spoke with an easy smile and careless grin.  “I am aware you can sense me but not to the degree I can sense you. I have no intention of revealing more than is necessary for this moment.”

Nicholas stepped forward towards the girl.  “Emma passed her legacy on well. I do hope you are a better woman than your namesake,  Doctor Jacobs.”  Like Kaylen, he watched this girl for years to see if she would come into her power.   Medical school, he supposed, suited a Starson to the letter in this modern world.  He knew she went to school in Lochton and that Emma had long ago settled there.   “Forgive me for startling you.” He repeated as he offered a hand. “Nicholas.”

“Clearly you already know me Nicholas.”  She took his hand and shook it. When they touched magic flared between them.  Her eyes widened.  The man itched of a time far older than herself.  “Who are you?” Sarina’s voice filled with curious wonder.  Peace radiated from him.   For the first time in her life, she was not alone.  Gold sparked in her hazel eyes as he pushed Holy against her talents.

“A man, an old sorcerer some might say, an old bastard others might say.” He responded, his tones ambiguous.  When she pushed back with her latent skills, his features spread in a grin.  “I have not felt the touch of another holy user in more than fifty years.”  Nicholas chuckled and absorbed the warmth of the familiar.  The grin faded and his expression became focused.  “You feel that darkness too, don’t you Sarina? You feel the path ahead crumbling.”

“I do. Violence in the city has risen in the last year. I see more cases of violent crime in the hospital this year than I have in years past and…I feel it when I’m  here away from the city–like a cancer beneath the skin.”  Sarina shuddered and drew away from him.  “I do not understand it or what it means.”  The woman was confused and yet, a voice deep within her was more resolute.  “I need to stand against it and do not know how.”

His patient smile ease her. “I do. Your time will come.  My word upon it.”  Nicholas knew.   Kaylen would need his help. Hell, they all would.  With a thought and no further explanation, Nicholas vanished.  Be at peace, child of Light. Be patient. The path ahead will challenge you and haunt you.  Go to the Cathedral.  Speak your faith. You will know.


So, eye contact….what’s your favorite story about eye contact? Personal story, or about two fictional characters. Feel free to share!

Dusting off and starting over.

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Hello, my friends.  Forgive my absence. Going forward, I will not be going so long between posts.  Life has been well, life–a hot mess of crazy sandwiched between work and family life. I have barely had time to create and I’ve been feeling the lack.

To address this, I have started a writer’s group called Ink &Quill that will feature daily writing prompts,  encouragement and humor.  In that vein, it is my hope to get myself back into some measure of regularity.  I also hope to help other writers further their craft.  Whether their end goal is publication or not, or if they just want to enjoy some good creative fun.  I look forward to hearing from you if you’re interested. Feel free to drop me a message if you would like an invitation.

With that being said, Ink & Quill’s writing prompts can be a variety of things from words to music to images.  I do a vague, fun post and a more guided post for those that need a little direction. The purpose is for all types of writers to get their feet wet,  have a little fun and create something that was not there before.  With that being said, here is our vague prompt for the week:


So, with this image, I was struck by the starlight and the way it flowed around the woman standing in the dark.  With that, came a new character idea not for the book series but merely for my own amusement. I have touched on the idea of a modern day realm before….Ladies and gents, please meet Sarina Jacobs.  🙂


Starlight glittered across her skin as she took this moment to rekindle her strength.  Dr. Sarina Jacobs was one of the precious few left who understood Fate and her gifts. In a world of modern miracles, the miracle of magic stood forgotten. The lifeblood of their realm begun to fade. Here, among the land,  Sarina could feel the pulse of their world.  Beyond the city’s constant buzz,  constant noise, she could feel that heartbeat struggling to breathe.  Ages ago, Duty fulfilled its song.    Emma Jacobs was a woman of legend among her family.  She began the family tradition of never marrying.  The reasons,  Sarina understood, were unclear.  Not a whisper of scandal surrounded the woman’s name.   Clearly the family line continued through her or she would not be standing here beneath the night sky.

With a flick of her will, she brushed the thought away.  Medical school stood a blur among her teenage years. She was considered  a pioneer in her field.    The youngest woman in Maeselorian history to graduate from medical school,  she puzzled her peers.  Her record was impeccable.   These communes with the night sky served to ground her.  The starlight glittered white on her skin as she stood staring at the heavens around her.  “Fate bless thee.” She whispered a prayer older than her body, perhaps older than her spirit.  She never lost a patient and many assumed that was simply her gift. So many of them refused to see how her hands glowed white in the operating room. Her manipulation of magic was so finite that no one would have seen the blessing for what it was.

More than fifty years ago, a government was born that stripped the power of the royals and shared it with the people. The ruling body, the Siteni,  cautioned those royals that still remained to be wary of using their talents. By this time, so few of her kind remained that no one could know who carried a royal bloodline and who did not.  The world had changed,  or moved on if one preferred. Many argued, what use did the modern world have for stories of ages past?  The only lines that seemed to ring true anymore were hers and Queen Adrianna herself. The Morningstars, the consummate politicians, remained.   The monarchy remained like a comforting old blanket.   Their protectors, the Redwynds remained but of the clan, only one remained by the Queen’s side. Of the Jades, the fabled protectors of the realm, no one lingered.

Still, she drew on the blessing of the land and sky around her. Fate beat beneath her as she stood drew.   Her dark hair tumbled to her bottom in a careless disarray of curls.  The wind tousled and toyed with the mess.  Her hazel eyes flecked gold as she focused the skills that were so discouraged by the Siteni.  How could such beauty, such life be wrong? How could those in power not see these gifts as they were?  Her thoughts meddled with her focus. Beyond her wards a darkness throbbed.   In the city, that constant felt like an open artery.  The night air was crisp this Adryn.  Isean would be upon them soon, as would the snow and rush of winter.   Sarina stretched her magical wings.  No one would sense her.  No one existed that would care. In that, she felt utterly alone.  Magic tides within her bloodline had risen and fallen over the years.  Even her mother said she had not seen a talent like Sarina’s in many years.

“So,  the Starson line does live on.”  A voice startled her from her thoughts.  The scream died in her throat as a man stepped out of the shadows.  Knowledge and power echoed in his sapphire eyes.   He was a stranger to her.  Or was he?  He knew her. She could see it in his gaze. “At ease, I bring no harm.”  At least, he supposed,  she could not blast him from here to kingdom come.


Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Those of you familiar with the realm at large MIGHT know who our mystery man is.  Stay tuned for more and whatever else may suite my fancy in the weeks ahead. Nanowrimo is right around the corner and so is book six of the Maeseloria series.

No sleep…til GenCon…

If you sung along to that in your head, bravo.  Anyone in my immediate family who reads this is completely aware that I will actually be sleeping the next  day or so.  I’m kind of a pita with no sleep.  (Just ask my husband.)

No current listening/reading today because this is just a quick note to you lovely folks that I will be on hiatus from tomorrow morning through August 24th. No blog updates, photos when I get back. I am going to leave you with the latest teaser from book 5, Shadow’s Journey.  Let me know what you think. Until then later, gang. Take care. 🙂

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My December

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Inspired by:  Heavy,  My December   Pick a Linkin Park song tonight

So,  I wish I could find the right words to describe such a loss.  The music industry lost a great creator today.  I love this band.   I have followed their evolution since Hybrid Theory.  That album has so many songs that talk to me.  I remember hearing Closer on the radio for the first time and I was like “okay guys,  I’m listening.”    The next song that hooked me was Crawling.   The song that made me go out in the album was In The End.   Once I listened to the album as a whole,  the song Papercut stuck with me.

I thought, at the time and quite mistakenly, that they were a one genre, one style kind of band and then someone played My December for me.  So much heartache lingered in that song.   I remember crying the first time I heard it because I was fighting my own demons at the time. I remember the chord it struck.  I still have a hard time with this song.  It’s so…achingly lonely.  I can listen to it now without tears but it still makes my heart hurt.

As time went on, more of their songs hooked me but I don’t think I really started listening to them closely until I heard the song  “What I’ve Done.”  That song is about atonement.   It’s my interpretation, if you disagree, well  good for you.  =P   Then I started going back and catching up.  Now,  I write to their music.  There something in the tenor and lyrics that inspire me.  It’s with that in mind that I started the writing below.   This has no bearing on future or past plotlines,  just kind of a what if in my writer’s mind.

Thank you for the impact your music had, and still has on my life.  You will be missed.


Another moment more, Alexandra.   Please. Nicholas snapped awake with a gasp.  In dreams,  she haunted him.    In his dreams, she laughed, she breathed, she teased him without mercy.  Fate took her first and left him to rot,  he felt.  Sea-shaded eyes and platinum curls danced just beyond his field of vision.  Fate above he missed her.  In a sudden rage Nicholas swatted the alarm clock from the bedside stand.

He cursed.  What he wanted most in this world he could not have.  To Nicholas, this was Fate’s path for him—suffer and wait.   Just thinking about the fact exhausted him.  Why hadn’t the cup passed to another?  Nicholas watched his children; his grandchildren pass on but the burden of Johl’s book remained with him.    The thought annoyed him more than he could give voice to.   The temptation to just let the world burn was strong.  Yet, in his mind, his duty was a yoke that he continued to pull.  Like a faithful jackass.  He thought with a scowl.

Fate’s tides were swirling around Kaylen Burke;  he could see the path ahead clearer than the woman herself.  He knew soon enough an adversary would present themselves.

Yet he could not find it in his heart to care about this conflict.  All that he loved and knew was gone.   You said once that duty’s halls were cold, beloved.  How could you have known I would walk them without you?  If she had, his beloved Sorceress never said a word.  He knew she never would have.   What would be would be,  she would have said. If she were here.   If this, if that,  if solved nothing.  If did not return her to his arms!

In frustration,  Nicholas plowed his fingers through his graying hair and rose from bed.    Again,  he was alone in his prayers.  The small altar in his bedchamber was a relic by today’s standards.  Tess Starson and Emma Jacobs blessed the small marble stone  for them the day they were wed.  Engraved in the stone were their names, the date they were wed.  This stone would go for a fortune in the modern world. Historians would have a field day with the names and dates engraved.  In the modern world, it would be the only proof of their lives together.

For him, their life lived on within.   Fate grant me the strength to carry this burden alone but,  forgive me my wish to be with her, with them… these trials are too much this time.  Light grant me the peace to see it through.  In a whisper of movement, Nicholas would have sworn he felt her gentle, familiar touch.  “Fate let me come home.”  He whispered.  For the first time in his long, long life Nicholas Taltos lost hope in the world surrounding him.

Just a snippet that twirled out of my fingertips, dear readers.  I promise you.  It was just an idea that came through while listening to that song.   I do not know that  I could do that to the poor man.  He’s suffered enough,  I think.

In random bits of news,  head over to my Facebook page to check out teasers for the Maeselorian series and the new book Shadow’s Journey.  My editor,  the amazing and talented,  Kymber Nations,  has been gracious enough to help me design some absolutely gorgeous images that I get to share with you as the release date for the new book approaches.   Please, check them out.  Comment, like the page and hang out.  I have a lot more in store as the days get closer.

Stay tuned to Facebook Live on October 1, 2017 at 7:30 PM EST for the cover reveal of Shadow’s Journey.  Here are the teasers I have posted so far. The first is from the upcoming novel,  Shadow’s Journey.   The second is from book two,  Duty’s Song. 


christi finalKymber 6

As always, let me know what you guys think.

Take care!


Why Introverts Make Good Writers

I thought this was fascinating and very apt. Let me know what you guys think. 🙂

A Writer's Path

by J.U. Scribe

I return to blogging because I like to write. Never did it cross my mind that my keen interest in writing had anything to do with who I am on a fundamental level until recently. After you read this you’ll understand the connection I started to make with introversion to writing.

It is estimated that at least 1/3  of the population are introverted. For a significant portion of the population, including myself we felt largely misunderstood. We felt something was wrong with us. I may not have been able to articulate it during childhood, but I learned early on that being outgoing, sociable, and assertive were more socially acceptable than being reserved, quiet, and passive.

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Quotes and thoughts

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Current Reading:  The Constant Princess – Philippa Gregory  (Great read if you love historical fiction)

So my favorite hostess got me thinking with this week’s prompt.  I had to think about this one and put it in some kind of context of the insanity we are smack dab in the middle of today.   For those of you that consider what is happening today in our country a “return to normalcy”,  you’re part of the problem.   There is nothing normal about what is happening in our country today.  Blame people, blame the opposition, blame politics, blame whatever suits our little fancy but calling it “normal’ is like trying to convince a fussy toddler to take a nap.  Good luck with that.

Moving on,  this week our hostess gave us the following quote:

“Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” ~Roald Dahl

So  I had to think about this one a bit to decide what I wanted to say.  I could go the easy route.  I mean, hell, I write fantasy so that isn’t too much of a stretch, right? Today, in light of the current state of affairs,  I decided to go off the rails.  If you don’t care to read anything more about the political/social climate in this nation, stop reading here.  If you want to know this writer’s thoughts on the matter, keep going.   Is there magic left in the world or are we all to jaded to appreciate the simple beauty of living?    If you do see magic in the world still,  where do you see it?  Humor me in the comments if you do.    I see it in the laughter of good companionship.   I see magic in a child’s laughter.  I see magic in music that goes for the gut.  I see magic in the power that words have to challenge our way of thinking.

Challenge is a hell of a word right now.  From a political standpoint,  we have a hell of a challenge before us.  To the people that are stating “let it go, he won”,  enough already.   This country is built on the freedom to speak up when we disagree.  Civil discourse and debate are woven into the fabric of our nation.  This has nothing to do with anyone being liberal or a sore loser.  This has to do with people standing for what they believe is right and guarding what they believe their personal ideologies are.   People standing for a right that people have lived, bled and died for.  I do not mean our soldiers though I have the utmost respect and love for them because of the decisions they are faced with.  Many things they are required to do by their very nature I cannot fathom.  I mean people who have protested, marched and given their lives to see what is wrong with our country righted.

I am a middle aged woman and I have seen my share of justice and injustice in the world.  I have criticized and been criticized like most of us have.  I have debated and argued and left things at agree to disagree.   If you want to see what true non-violent civil discourse looks like,  go look up some of the news footage from the civil rights movement.   (Check out CNN’s special on the 60s.  There’s an entire episode dedicated to the civil rights movement with news footage and interviews with many civil rights activists at the time. People who stood up for this came from all walks of life. I personally learned a great deal from it. If anyone has any other great references on the topic, drop me a line. I’m listening.)

For those of you that think these problems do not exist today,  you have your head buried in the sands of complacency. The problems never went away.  Ask an African American.   Ask a beautiful woman what happens when she walks down the street.  Or any woman when she talks to a mechanic for that matter.  (Personal experience on that.)  People have a right to protest what they disagree with.   People have a right to that civil discourse on either side of the aisle.  This is how change happens in our nation regardless of what you believe or think,  whether you are liberal or conservative.   The labels do not matter.   To believe otherwise is to betray the foundation of our nation.   If you want change, get involved in your local communities.  Stay informed.  Ignorance of the problem will not give anyone a resolution.

That, my friends, is the magic of our country.  Other countries would kill to have our freedoms.  People have traveled from all over the world to live here.  Speak up. Make a difference.  The words “I do not agree” are not offensive.  The words “I stand for (insert issue here)”  are not offensive.  Do not be afraid to use them. If you think about it,  those same sentiments birthed our nation.

I think I am going to leave you with a quote from a man that has always impacted me in his words and thoughts about our nation and where we need to go as a people. The first quote is often shortened but the entire quote seems more relevant today than any words I can personally think of.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction … The chain reaction of evil – hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars – must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   (1963)

One more…

Nonviolence is the answer to the crucial political and moral questions of our time: the need for man to overcome oppression and violence without resorting to oppression and violence. Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.
– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   Nobel Prize acceptance speech, Stockholm, Sweden, 1964

What do you guys think?  Inbox is open, comments are open.  Track me down on Twitter if you want,  I’m always up for a lively discussion.  Attackers though,  will be deleted or ignored so keep it civil gang.



Radio silence and other news

Inspired by:  Promises to Keep – Trans Siberian Orchestra ;   Where Are You Christmas? – Faith Hill

Current Reading:  Taking Suggestions

So, please forgive me for the hiatus.  For those of you that are unware,  November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short),  and the goal of this free program is to inspire writers to produce a 50,000 word manuscript in 30 days.  I participated in this event for the first time last year and was quite pleased with the result.  The rough story for Light’s Guide was written in 22 days. The revisions took longer than normal but to me, the work produced a better story.

So,  I met this goal on November 23,  2016 but,  this year the story was not told.  I wanted to go out in style this month.  So,  I finished the book 5 manuscript on the 27th.   Maeseloria: Shadow’s Journey is ready for revisions–at 55,000 words.  With that being said,  I decided it was time to pull my head out of the shadows and say hello.

My November was a busy month.   I had my first author event ever and my first book signing.  Both events were an amazing experience and my warmest thank you to anyone who stopped out to purchase a book or just for a chat.   And to the lovely person who brought me coffee at my book signing,  you are a goddess.    Lastly,  a sincere thank you to Denise at Gathering Volumes for being such a huge support and allowing me to have my signing in your shop.  To my fellow bloggers and authors,  if you have an indy book shop in your area–support them.  Shop in their store.  They will be your biggest advocate.

The events were nerve wracking but I learned a lot.  I managed to learn how to talk to people about my book without stammering and blushing.  There’s room for improvement but I learned.   I also realized how many dear friends came out to see me–one of whom I had not seen in a number of years.   Here are some pictures from both events:




I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday and are looking as forward to Christmas as I am.  Christmas is my holiday at our house.   The good will of the season is a huge deal to me.  I try to do right by people at all times—even when I have been wronged by them—but at Christmas time it always seems that much more important.    I had that kind of wonder as a child and I do not know if I have ever really let it go.  There’s something magical about the season to me. What is your favorite part about the Christmas holiday? Or are you a Grinch?

The two songs listed above kind of emphasize that wonder for me.  I love TSO in general but Christmas Eve and Other Stories has to be my favorite album of theirs.    Promises to Keep highlights that childlike wonder that,  for me, comes with the season. .  The second song I heard at a time in my  life when I was struggling,  or maybe transitioning might be a better word.  I was looking for me and, for that reason,  the song will always remain special to me.  It struck a nerve.    So,  with that being said,  I have a gift for you.  A short synopsis from Maeseloria:  Shadows Journey:

Peace in service to the Light…

Peace was an illusion, Jaylor Vincenzo thought.    In his line of work,  peace was harder to maintain than war.   With the wars end, the political structure of Maeseloria was tenuous at best.  Factions birthed in the South would be problematic.  Could he protect them all?   He served his Queen as her shadow, her brother and her friend.  The fate of the realm was often decided at dagger point and his hand.   Was this all Fate would ever require him to be?

Where was his peace?

He stood between Light and Shadow.   His duty was eternal. Would he ever have more?

 For those  subscribed to the Maeseloria Monthly,  the newsletter will be back January 1, 2017.  I look forward to sharing more of  The Guardian’s Fall.    Until then, stay tuned readers.  The Figment weekly writing prompts will return this Thursday.   Let’s see what our hostess can throw at us, shall we?

Take care guys,  stay out of trouble.




Nerves and Nanowrimo

Current listening:  Lost Stars – Adam Levine 

Brought to you by: The Figment

So, the first week of Nanowrimo is nearly over  and it’s super exciting to me.  I have a few new characters I’m introducing  in this book and new storylines and intrigues and just…fun.   I will do my best to keep going on the blog but I make no promises.  I have super tunnel vision when I’m working on a new book—especially during this time of the year.  I’m 16000 words into Shadow’s Journey and I don’t show any signs of slowing down.    If you want to make sure I’m still breathing, stalk me on Twitter and Facebook.

This week’s prompt is the song listed above.  It’s funny the things you learn from experience.  To me this song is about youth and trying to find your place in the world.  Everyone, I think, deserves a learning curve.  God knows I needed one.  I’m happy where I am and have been for almost a decade now.  I  keep pushing and working at this dream of mine.  The dream is to be published.  I got that back in 2012.  Then I met Becky Robinson and the amazing folks at Hometown Reads and that’s challenged me to be better.  I learned to market a little and approach my work from an avenue other than “the girl who tells stories”.

Next Sunday I have my first event as an author.  First…ever.    I have to figure out how to be comfortable in front of people and talking about my work.  I’ll work it out.  I’m too stubborn not to.  Also,  I have a huge aversion to sounding like an ass in front of people who have just met me.  I never realized until this week exactly how much goes into putting an event together.  I’m sitting here planning table layout,  to do lists,  creating email sign-up sheets,  fixing newsletter sheets so I can have something interesting for people to take home.  The good news is I’m just about settled on the planning.

I am trying so hard not to spaz about it.  I can’t even begin to explain but I will say this.  This is where I wanted to be,  what I wanted to do.  I wanted to share my stories with people and this is the next logical progression.  As terrifying as it is,  it’s where I need to be.   Another scary step forward I suppose.     What’s the most terrifying thing you’ve ever had to do to push yourself forward?   What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever pursued?  This is it for me.  Just getting up and talking about what I love to do.  So if you show up for me on the 13th,  thank you for the support and please be kind to the very flustered author.



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