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Not much to say tonight, gang. Happy Valentines day to the lot of you.  I hope you take a minute and let your loved ones know how you feel.   Do you do anything special for yourself or your loved ones?  Do you have a favorite memory?  We aren’t huge about the holiday around here.  We’re pretty low key.  For my husband and I loving each other is about the everyday gestures.  A little touch,  a kiss, shared laughter at an inside joke.   (The chicken lives! Haha, love you babe.)

At Ink and Quill this week,  I chose to go with our vague prompt.  This one I had to think about because I wanted to tie it into last week’s blog.  This ongoing story with Brona is keeping me amused.  Let’s see what happens next, shall we?


The dreams were bigger than her.  The phrase Chronicle of Light haunted her waking world.  Brona Devereaux sighed.  She sat on the highest ledge of Devereaux castle. The heights never bothered her. In fact, she found clarity more often than not observing the world from such a height and distance. Beyond her the mountains glittered beneath bright starlight above.   Her love had allowed her to escape with the promise that she would summon a healer come morning.  With exquisite care, he bound the foot and pressed a kiss to her forehead.  “Whatever Fate calls you to, little heart,  I will be here.  Tell me what you can when you can.”

His quiet confidence shook her.  Most men would not allow such secrets to stand.  Most men, she supposed did not hold the understanding of Fate that he did.  Light knew she was still learning.  She had quickly changed into a loose pair of pants and one of his shirts.  She tied the garment off at the waist then scowled when he found the sight amusing. “Oh go back to bed.”  She muttered as she left the bedchamber.

That exchange brought her to this moment and the quiet before her.  Layla would have been more decisive, she thought.  Her best friend, sister in every sense but blood,  would be more certain.  Her foot throbbed, she was confused and the night sat long before her.  The flicker of movement would have had her drawing a dagger had she not sensed his approach.  Her mental skills were improving by leaps and bounds.  She was learning to allow herself to sense who she chose when she chose.   Dominic always had a spot in her head.

“So, thank you for leaving your daggers put up,  Rae.” Dominic Devereaux smiled at his niece as he sat beside her.  “Want to talk about it or just leave it be?” He knew what the girl could do if pushed.  More often than not, he saw his sister staring out through Brona’s green eyes.  In moments like this, however, he could see the girl’s individuality.  He would never have caught his sister sitting out here alone in the middle of the night.  Raelynn, her grandmother,  would have sought his comfort or Nicholas’ .  Brona did not have that level of trust in him yet.

“Dom, what is a Chronicle of Light? Do you know?”  Brona asked suddenly.  In truth, she did not want to bother her grandfather until she had no other option.   Nicholas had enough responsibilities to the realm without the added trouble of her dreams.  The phrase and that redhead appeared in her dreams more frequently in recent weeks.  She had yet to understand why. The woman remained unaware of Brona’s presence as she went about her task.   Her uncle refused any familial acknowledgement.  He feared she would slip and the truth of their name and her relation would come to light.  Both Dominic and Nicholas agreed the girl deserved a better life than the one Dominic made for himself among the shadows.

“I believe, if my memory serves, that the title has to do with your Taltos heritage.”  Dominic said as he slid an easy arm around her to comfort her. He was saddened at the tension in her until he felt her relax into his side.  “You know Nicholas would be a better resource.”  The stubborn expression she flashed him earned a grin.  “Fine,  I’ll see what I can remember.  The Chronicle of Light, if I recall is an old term for those who are tasked with following another’s journey.  They are a record.  For what specifically, I cannot be sure.  I was only ever given a general education regarding the Taltos family titles and heritage.  There has not been a Chronical since the old bastard and I were children so I cannot be sure what exactly it means for you.”

“I think it’s bigger than me.  Part of me,” As she spoke,  Brona pushed a lock of her chocolate colored hair out of her face.  A frustrated huff left her throat when the words stuck.  “Part of me belongs to the realm and that frightens me. I’ve never belonged anywhere, Dom.”    Her eyes skimmed the horizon. The cold and starlight eased her for whatever reason.  A lone cloud crossed the empty sky.  With a small push of her will, she disbursed the water within the cloud.  It ceased to mar the night’s quiet beauty.

“That, my beloved girl, is the battle of all Fate’s children.  You will learn in time.  Be patient.”  Dominic hugged her and settled in beside her until she fell asleep against his side.  A small smile curled his lips as another touched the back of his mind.  Fate knew the twins were protective of one another. This new level of worry amused him. “She is fine, my little warrior. Tell your brother to stand down.”










Like a ghost into a fog…

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So, a long overdue update, the New Year brought a lot of interesting changes.  Please forgive the radio silence readers,  two days before Christmas I broke tooth and ended up with my first-ever root canal and crown the day after Christmas.  I think…ow about covers it.   The Maeseloria Monthly is still on hiatus until I can make a concrete decision on how to proceed forward with her.  I’ve only gotten a little bit of feedback from others about what they like/dislike about the newsletter so I’m still considering at this juncture.  For those of you that followed The Guardian’s Fall,  more to the story may appear here or in another format but I promise not to leave you all hanging with Nicholas’ story.

Revisions for Guardian’s Redemption are in early stages but have begun.  This book was kind of daunting to me because it brings a family full circle.  For story’s sake, I need to tell it well.  Those characters deserve it and so do my readers.  Many of you have been in love with the Taltos since day one.  I have too.  Nicholas is a dynamic character that I’ve enjoyed writing since his creation—even if the stubborn bastard doesn’t want to talk to me sometimes.   It is definitely time to expand on that.

On to Ink and Quill stuff, the group is backing up and running.  If you want to join a writer’s group that is supportive and fun, drop me a message or come find us out on Facebook.  J  We’re a pretty laid back bunch.  This week’s vague prompt got me visualizing on a character I have only just created.  You met her a few posts back.  Her history is a matter of interest and her background is somewhat sketchy.  Hope you enjoy!  Here’s the prompt:


She remembered the ashes in the snow.  Perched at the end of a pier, Brona Rae watched the Isean tide roll in.  The cold Lochton weather did not bother too much.  A heavy coat both covered her and hid the weapons she carried more out of habit than any other reason.  A comfortable hat hid the crown of her chocolate shaded hair.  Her green eyes examined the white swells of sea before her.

She knew now.  R.D and N.T. were her future.  Learning not to be afraid of the magic that called her soul was the road ahead.  Edward Jacobs brought her home and, for that, she would be grateful for the rest of her days.   As overwhelmed as she often was by them, she loved having a family.  She loved having places to put down roots and grow as she now believed she was meant to.

In her lap was the battered prayer book she would carry all of her days.  Now, the back held both her initials and her father’s.  Whatever her life ahead might hold, that book would always be with her.  The book linked her past to this moment.  Her future slept between the pages of this book.

With a small effort she pushed the waves away from her. The swells obeyed.  The reaction brought a pleased gasp from her lips.  Brona knew the destructive capability of Fate’s blessing, the down side to that peace and light that called to her.  That night often haunted her dreams.

The village was just beyond the outskirts of the Kindred stronghold.  She remembered the way the ash mixed with rain and snow.  She had just arrived before the fires began.  Brona had almost ended her days among the ashes. She had just finished a recon mission for the Guild that evening.  She recalled the greedy way her contact scanned her over. She threatened the twit more than once at blade point to keep his hands to himself.  After all, she had no qualms about bleeding a threat to her.  She remembered soot staining her boots and the awful smell of burnt flesh on the wind.

What she remembered best was the way the magic pulled at her soul.  When she lowered her internal walls enough to sense what was happening, the force almost knocked her out. Never in her life had she felt such a pull forward.  It sent her skittering from the village that afternoon for Lochton.  She swore to herself that whatever was in her future; that level destruction she would never touch.

Brona understood the necessity.  She understood and feared that necessity all at once.  Before a few weeks ago, she only knew two people she would go to that necessity for. Even now, that list was short.  Lily and Layla she would go to that length for time and again.  She would suffer for it but for them that was a sacrifice she would make.  She focused again and pushed the sea-shaded swells away from her.

“Large movements are easier.  Don’t push so hard. You can do more with less, little Rae.”  A voice startled her from thought.  Lochton may be safe but the voice was known to her and, unlike those closest to her, she reached with her senses before striking.  Her sudden companion’s quiet force was both known to her and undeniable.  Tatiyana Jade sat down beside her.  Like her mate, she developed a fondness for the girl.  “Most of the time, the water will take on a will of its own. Watch.”   And with that, Brona could sense the tender tug of the woman’s magic.  Where Brona’s touch was firm, Tatiyana’s was as gentle as a feather.   “See the difference? Same result if you allow the water to do as Fate wills.”

Brona requested on quiet, hesitant tones.  Her cousin and grandfather taught her healing, wards and any number of skills they could yet,  she had never seen the easy finesse in them that this woman held. “Could you teach me more please?”

Duty’s Song

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Business before pleasure, they say.  Forgive my radio silence,  illness and writer’s block are craptacular combinations.   Writer’s block is a rarity for me but when it arrives, it goes whole hog.  Book 6,  Guardian’s Redemption,  is wanting to start writing itself before its appointed hour. (Read: November 1 for those of you unfamiliar with my writing habits)  I’m also trying to give myself time to appreciate that I just published my –fifth- book.    I did not think in 2012  when I published Birth of Light that the series would have a longevity like this.  I published my first book just to see if I could.  Just because it sounded like a good idea at the time.  Still, here we are.  That is, in part what I think the release party is about.  Celebrating the moment as much as the new book’s release.  FIVE books, holy shit.   What is your favorite “Oh, hell, I did that” moment?

With that being said,   I hope to see the lot of you on my author page on October 1 at 7:30 EST for the Shadow’s Journey cover reveal.   We are now 21 days from release day and preparations may become a madcap hurry. Illness has a way of delaying our best intentions. I am happy to say though I’m on the mend.  I hope, also, to see you at the release party at Gathering Volumes on October 15 from 2-5.   The little bit below is for a character you all will meet Guardian’s Redemption.    By the way   readers,  brownie points to anyone who can tell me who that title MIGHT be about.  You have met her on the blog and this is a continuation of her story.  Ladies and gents,  Emma Jacobs.


Duty’s song was as relentless as her brother’s pursuit.  Emma reflected with a forlorn smile.  Below her, fire stood stark against the darkness.  Their childhood home was gone. Through tears, she watched the house burn.  Hues of orange, white and red lit the night sky.

Her dreams as of late remained persistant. IN a way those dreams saved her life tonight.  She was awake for their assault.  The idiots tripped the wards at the edge of her land.  Those wards served to warn her  but,  in truth, she had no offensive magic in her arsenal.  Her hazel eyes flashed fire as she watched the structure collapsed.  Emma had enough time to gather her wits, provisions for her journey and her family dagger.  She knew she had to run but the thought saddened her all the same.

Her horse was saddled and she was off before the men even realized their quarry was gone. They thought to flush her out in the blaze.  Perhaps now,  Emma mused, she could finally have peace.  Emma doubted the truth to that thought. The men could report that she died in the fire but her brother would know. Her twin would know.  “Did you send them Edward?”  She whispered as her heart bled.  In her heart, she felt like her whole life had just been upended.  “Did you cause this chaos that has destroyed everything we have ever known?”  A cool night wind dried her tears. She ached to open the mental door between them.  Fate above, she missed him more than she could put word to. Yet,   that dark pulse still lingered in the south when she opened her sense.  Duty called her and, at some point, she suspected she would reunite with him. Fate could only hope he had not destroyed whatever chance they had of rebuilding their lives.

Madryn’s book bled through the Mornesse. Even at this distance,  Emma could feel it like a dark stain upon the realm.  The magic pulsed through the land. Emma scowled. Why did her fellow royals leave the book when they ended the war?  Her hazel eyes shadowed.  The answer was simple because her question belonged to a child who knew nothing of Fate’s grace.

“Because our world, like all things, must have balance. The pulse you feel through the land is because the Light has left us.” Her grandmother’s teachings rang through her ears.  Emma could almost feel the  gentle rap of a walking stick against the back of her head.  Sarina Starson  favored the stick later in life as age crumpled her slender figure.  Emma pushed the thought away and wiped her eyes.

With strength to the east; Duty will guide thee home  Duty lay to the east, her heart to the south.  “What good has Fate’s balance brought me and mine?”  She growled and turned her horse from the scene below her. The ridge had offered her cover and time to say goodbye.  Now she must get on with what the Light called her to do.  She just watched her home, her life go up in flames.  She supposed she had nowhere to go but up.  She could no longer hide so perhaps it was time to fight.  Her reluctance lingered for but a moment.  “Ignoring it will not change Fate’s requirement of you,  Em.”  Her grandmother murmured again. This time she would swear she felt the rap of that blasted stick.

Emma kicked her horse forward.  Fate guide me.  The blessing left her mind laced with the light of holy.  The power flex was minor but Edward would hear.  In that moment, the wall between them faded.  Her eyes flashed gold as his head snapped up.  Fate bless thee, Edward Jacobs.  The whisper and power’s push was minor. Enough to make him aware of her survival and to remind him of what waited.  Their mother blessed them in this manner every night.  Emma added the warmth of her love for him before she closed the door again.  Soon enough, she suspected, she would blow the wall between them to smithereens. Duty called her. What lay ahead she could only guess.


Turn and face the strange.

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So, a few housekeeping updates for those of you that have not poked around the site.  Yes,  I updated and rearranged a little.   On the right you can now see my twitter feed and click to like my Facebook page.  So I made it a little easier for those of you who follow this blog to see what else I am up to.   Also, for those of you that have not subscribed to the newsletter and may be interested in Nicholas’ story, current events and a fun little thing called Sandra’s Corner,  I have added the newsletter archives to the top menu above.  Go check it out.  If you like it, click the subscribe link up top.   Please feel free to contact me with questions or feedback on the new design.

Also,  a few countdowns of note:

3 Days until Vacation

8 days until GenCon 50

67 Days until Shadow’s Journey release party.

Now, for those of you itching for the cliffhanger with Lily Eisen,  by all means…here goes.



“Easy Lils.”  Jaylor’s voice crooned in her ears as he caught her and eased their descent.  He shifted his body so he would protect her from gravity’s inevitable impact.  “Go for your emergency gem.  Calm…that’s my girl.” He murmured as a patient parent would to a child facing a difficult lesson.  “Focus. Trigger.”  Jaylor’s tones were gentle and soon enough the weight of her body against his was gone.   Emergency gems ,  when activated,  all were created to send the users to the same place.  With a flex of his element, Jaylor slowed his descent with the night wind and then vanished before he hit the ground.

Marcus Jade was pacing the room when Lily appeared in his sister’s chamber.  Alexandra tutted his overprotective streak and guided the shaken woman to a chair before her brother pounced upon her person to assure himself of her safety.   Alexandra settled before Lily, meeting the girl’s green eyes with her own sea-shaded gaze.  Lily trembled and before she voiced her first thought, Alexandra assured her on gentle tones. “Jaylor will join us shortly. All emergency gems are built to bring their users to me for security and healing if needed. He knows where you are.”

That soothed the woman who,  during her entire existence within the Guild, had never had someone so openly attempt to take her life.  “Good.  Let the watchdog go before I explain what happened.”  A grin tugged at the corners of the Sorceress’ mouth as she stepped aside.  As soon as she did,   Lily found herself  enveloped in the warmth of Marc’s arms.  He murmured his fears and his heart all at once.  His gentle concern broke her in the face of what was a terrorizing affair.

The force of his emotions surfaced in his eyes. That depth brought tears to her own. “I am fine, Marc.” She murmured.  “I told you I would.”  She spoke as those tears drifted down her cheeks.  “Trust, remember?”  He nodded and that was when the delicate clearing of Jaylor’s throat stilled the moment.   “I was pushed.”  She responded to the question her favorite Shadow had not voiced.  She pushed from Marc’s arms and approached Jaylor.  When his arms closed around her,  she finally relaxed.   “Thank you.”

“You’re part of the world I need to keep safe. Anytime.”  Jaylor promised then released her.   Marc felt the spike in her emotions. He understood Jaylor could get to her faster. He was in Mornesse, Marc was in the capital.  Lily’s panic was what struck him first when he reached for her.  “Tell me what you remember.”  And with that, they settled in to figure out what happened on that Mornesse rooftop.

Updates of unusual size…

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Hello!  After much back and forth with Amazon,  Shadow’s Journey is complete! I have a few advance copies in my hot little hands.  I have held the book in my hands, looked through and just..amazing. It truly never gets old.  I don’t know about any other author but I look at the cover and I think to myself  “Hey, I did that…”

74 days until release day,  if I can math tonight.  October 15, I can’t wait! Correct my math if I’m wrong.  Also, the teasers on my Facebook page are still being posted and will continue until release day.  Please head over, check them ought and if you aren’t a follower of my page,  sign up and share, share, share.  I am planning a digital giveaway of Light’s Guide before the new book’s release.

So,  I had a nag at the back of my head with the song above. Hope you enjoy the little snippet below. As always, feedback is welcome.


Be soft but hide it well Lils. At the time she did not realize it was the last lesson she would ever give her. Lily watched the haphazard streets that were Mornesse’s inner city. For a moment, Lily Eisen’s mind was caught up in the past. That softness she hid in the core of her. In her time with the Guild, many had tried to beat that out of her. In a way, they tried to beat her femininity out of her. Tonight, she walked the rooftops to see what she could see. A few nights straight, patrols were whispering of returning to the castle with one less man than they left with.

Under normal circumstances this would not be cause for alarm. Death in combat was not a truth unfamiliar to her or any man who patrolled the city. However, five men in the course of a week was unusual. Unrest still lingered even in light of the current regime’s agenda. To her credit, Jocelyn wanted to see her people fed, housed and happy. She wanted them to heal. People who detested peace existed every day. Many of them belonged to the Guild. Lily’s emerald eyes shined in the in moonlight as she watched the patrol pass below. When she heard the distant clatter of their armor fade, she knew it was time to move on. Dark confidence echoed in her every movement as she followed them. She could outwit patrolmen any day of the week. They were easy prey for one such as herself.

Marc Jade should have been easy prey. A small, fond scowl curled her lips. Her quarry moved on through the city streets. Easy prey, right, and a Kindred to walk in sunlight. Lily thought as she moved with silent grace through the darkness. To this day, she wondered where in the Light blasted world the Guild had gotten their information about the man. The men below rounded the corner and she followed, moving from rooftop to rooftop. She found hand holds in places most men would never have. She swung from each point like an acrobat. Her skill was part her favorite Shadow’s teaching and her own inherent grace. Lily had none of the blessing the royal families had. In that sense, she supposed she was a bit of an outcast.

Lack of magic did not stop her from beating his lordship’s ass on a regular basis. She thought with a satisfied grin. Lily was born for the hunt. Though there was no prey to capture tonight, there was always a hunt. Always a purpose to track. Only once had she ever deigned to lower her standards and hunt alongside nobles that were of her rank. Her excitement at the prospect lasted all of five minutes when she realized none of the “ladies” were going to participate in the actual hunt. Their sole purpose was to stroke the lordlings’ egos and be pretty little ornaments. Lily had declined every invitation that arrived for that particular activity after that single incident. None of those simpering twits would ever understand the honor of the hunt and the satisfaction of a clean kill.

Her eyes flickered to the group below her. So far, no harm had come to those patrolling tonight. What was the purpose of picking off patrolmen? “Why, to attract little ragmuffins…” A voice taunted two hand connected with her back and sent her tumbling from the rooftop. The ground was coming too far to fast for her to adjust or reach for a handhold without dislocating every joint from shoulder to wrist. Her grasp would not hold her whole body weight. She did the math seconds too late. The tactic was meant to flush her out but who would be so foolish? Just when I had a life to fight for…


Elusive inspiration

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As writers we all struggle with blocks,  we have times when our muse gives us the middle finger and takes a hiatus.   I read a blog a few days ago that describes this so personally, so clearly that I had to share it with you.  Thank you to Mia Sutton for allowing me to share it with all of you.  Go check her out! She’s amazing.  She’s funny and candid. I think that’s what appeals to me most.  You see her struggles and her honesty about life, motherhood and just everything shines through. Here’s the post:

When Inspiration Strikes: An Ode to My Muse



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Well, I have a lot of nifty news to share.  Twenty four hours and I’ll get to preview the final layout!


Shadow’s Journey has been submitted for Amazon’s review well ahead of schedule.  Make sure you check me out on Facebook Live October 1st at 7 pm for the cover reveal!   Now begins reviews to make sure the layout is right.  This part is usually the most stressful me because I go through page by page to determine if the layout is right or text needs to shift.    I get talked down from the ledge more than once during this time period.

We are THREE MONTHS from release! Three months! Stay tuned to my Facebook page for more updates and MAYBE some teasers.     I’m really excited about this book because it advances a character whose story I have always loved.  I hope you all love m favorite Shadow’s development too.   I can’t wait to hear your feedback! I wonder if other authors get as psyched as I do when a plan comes together.  Kudos to anyone who knows what 80’s classic show I’m referencing.

Five weeks from vacation! I cannot wait!  I need to be out and unwind.  See some old friends, enjoy GenCon and play some games. If any of you are at GenCon 50,  by all means,  drop me a message.   🙂  I’m excited to relax and game and just be with my husband for four days.  It will be fantastic.  What’s your favorite thing to do on vacation?







Poking  My Head Out of the Sand

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Inspired by:  My playlist,  keep reading.

So I was inspired by a dear friend who posted on her blog about twenty songs that make her move. Check out her website here.   I commented on her blog with my twenty songs that make me move and promised her that I would write up a little list of songs I write to.  I am adding a twist to this.   I’m giving you guys the list and a challenge.  Tell me which characters you’d associate these songs with.    I will tell you if they match what I utilize certain songs for.   Game on guys!  Keep reading,  there’s a few book updates coming after the list. Feel free to steal for your own lists.  I’ve linked a YouTube video to each song.

Top 20 writing songs

  1. Beyond the Veil – Lindsey Stirling
  2. Shatter Me – Lindsey Stirling
  3. Sounds of Silence – Disturbed
  4. Only One – Lifehouse
  5. Beyond – William Joseph
  6. Into Darkness – BrunuhVille
  7. Eternal – Evanescence
  8. The Ghost of You – My Chemical Romance
  9. I Will Not Bow – Breaking Benjamin
  10. Voodoo – Godsmack
  11. The Chain – Fleetwood Mac
  12. The Reckoning – Halestorm
  13. Throne – Bring Me the Horizon
  14. Writing’s On The Wall – Sam Smith
  15. Via Purifico – Nobuo Uematsu
  16. Words as Weapons – Seether
  17. Here – Alessia Cara
  18. Master of Tides – Lindsey Stirling
  19. Best I’ll Ever Be (Acoustic Version) – Sister Hazel
  20. Moonlight Sonata – Ludwig van Beethoven

So, happy guessing.   Comment with your thoughts below. I’m excited to see what you guys think. Also,  what songs make you move?  Thanks to Mia for the idea.

In other news, I have completed round one of revisions for Shadow’s Journey.  Round two is underway.    I am already flirting with ideas for the next book. (THANK YOU – You know who you are)   School is out so finding time between parenting and work has been a challenge.  We are shooting for an October  release date.   I say we because I might write them,  I might publish them but my family and friends keep me level during the process.  Thanks guys.  ❤ Stay tuned for teasers.

Just an ordinary day.

….where I get to participate in my first blogger interview.

Check this out:

Blog Interview

Let me know what you guys think.   Also,  for the time being,  the Maeseloria Monthly will be on hiatus, possibly until I finish revising Shadow’s Journey.   Let me know what you guys thought of the interview.  Take care!

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