In search of inspiration…

Does anyone else struggle with the question “where do you get ideas?”  Or better yet, do you struggle for inspiration when you’re stuck? Also, if you write or create, what do you do to get yourself un-stuck so to speak?

For me, these questions have always caused a moment’s reflection.  Truth be told I freeze as much at this question as I do at the question “What do you write about?”  As far ideas go,  the attack at all times, all hours and without mercy.  I usually have a little notebook or post-its  with me. If I don’t,  I have digital access to google docs or my Quick-Memo on my phone. As a writer,  many times that faucet of creativity is either running full blast or completely off.  I am not sure about other writers but for me it’s one extreme or another.

I am learning that carving out my writing time for a set time of day helps when the faucet’s off.  I would love to tell any of you that want to have this that it works when you have a full time job, a family and more obligations than I want to put to paper at the moment.  A wise friend advised in her blog that boundaries and being true to your writing time is important.  (If you’d like to read the full post and check out her work,  go here.) Like all things, this is a work in progress.

So when the faucet’s off, what do you do to get the pump running again?  I listen to music. Go for a walk.  Brainstorm with a friend. Music tends to be the medium that speaks to me most.  I range from instrumental such as Lindsey Stirling or A Break of Reality to Linkin Park,  My Chemical Romance,  Lifehouse or Sam Smith.   Feel free to sound off on the comments below.   If you want to sample any of the artists I’ve listed, also give me a shout out.  I’d be happy to share.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!

Who likes free stuff?

Hi everyone!

“I hate free stuff.” Said no one ever. So for those that have expressed an interest in my work, I am giving away two signed copies of my first book, Maeseloria: Birth of Light. All you have to do to win is head on over to my author page on Facebook,  follow the instructions and you’ll be entered to win one copy of the book.  You can get to my Facebook author page by going here.   Good luck! Thank you for your interest!


The things we learn…


So, on March 1, this amazing local business launched this amazing web page called Hometown Reads.  This is a project from which I’ve learned a great deal about marketing my work and met some sincerely amazing people.  If you have not checked it out, you can do so by going to here.  I hope to reach more readers as I’m learning and revising the fourth book.  This definitely adds another layer to my plate but this too shall pass and become easier with time. I think getting everything set up the way I want it is what is giving me gray hairs.

If you know anyone in the local area who has their work published,  pass the site information along. After all, who doesn’t love a free plug for their work? The things I have learned from these amazing people makes me enthusiastic about my own work and getting it out there for readers.  To quote a much-loved video game,  “this is my story.”

Check out one of the plugs Hometown Reads has received from Toledo 11 here.